As a marketer/web site producer, Christine gets paid (usually) to write interesting, sometimes clever and witty things about other people and their businesses. As a result, she has very little creativity and articulative (is that even a word?) skill left to write about her own self.

So the following will just have to do:

Getting to Know Christine

  • She eats: dark chocolate, pumpkin pie, anything that is deep fried.
  • She reads: anything in print, but mostly fantasy these days – because real life is just too weird.
  • She has an animal spirit guide in the form of: some sort of bird. A really loud one that sings.
  • She secretly longs to be: A resident of Sesame Street.
  • She is a celebrity doppelganger for: Kiki the delivery witch.
  • She could be an amalgamation of the following fictional characters: Tweety Bird, Huang Rong, Anne Shirley, and Betty Suarez.
  • Random factoid: In high school, Christine was cast in a television pilot that got picked up by Fox Kids or Nickelodeon,  but the project died before it reached production.  Now, it’s her sister who has her own tv show!