All recipes on this site came from my mom’s kitchen. Some were given to her from family or friends, others she picked up from cookbooks and tweaked to her taste, and so on. She scribbled some of them on pieces of paper, or annotated photocopies of cookbook pages; but over the years, she had memorized them all and her memory was the only place they could be found.

One fine day, I left home to study engineering in college, a few thousand miles away from home. Soon I realized that my mom’s cooking was not to be discovered in even the best Greek restaurants in the US; and following standard cookbook recipes didn’t produce the result I remembered from childhood. So I asked her for her recipes, and I got them all. But they were the kind of recipes meant to be read by other cooks. I was a kitchen ignoramus and an engineer too: some kasseri meant nothing… How much is some, in pounds? Since I can’t find kasseri at the local store, what other cheese can I use? And so I set out to rewrite her recipes into a form that is slightly more idiot-friendly, consulting other cookbooks for substitutions, tables for measure equivalencies, and doing lots of experimentation.

This is the outcome. The neighbor’s dog enjoys the leftovers, even the veggies. Greek friends that taste it at my home find it very authentic.

Kali Oreksi!

– Toli

Recipes by May Lerios


  • (V) means vegetarian: no meat or fish, but chicken eggs or fish eggs may be included.
  • Ingredients are preceded by a filled circle
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  • Alternate ingredients, substitutions, or optional ingredients are preceded by an open circle
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