Brought into our home in September 2002, SeQueL was an unintentional outcome of our initial attempts at animal rescue. For nearly a year, we had been seeing a beautiful feral cat in the neighborhood. We assumed she was an abandoned house cat, and therefore spayed. Until one day, we saw that cat with a little ball of black fur wobbling behind her. So we set out a trap to catch her and get her spayed. What did we catch instead? The furball. (The mom is still running loose to this day, and now we leave all feral cat trapping to our friends at Thundering Paws animal sanctuary.)

She was very thin with a tummy distended from worms. We took care of her health and vaccinations, and soon enough she was healthy and gradually recovering from malnutrition. The furball became a furry tummy with huge ears, then the gremlin’s legs stabilized, and she morphed into a playful kitten, and eventually into a sizeable and Rubenesque cat. In short, she was a hairy potato whose parts gradually grew out to make Mrs. Potato Head.

Even though she was only a few weeks old when we found her, we’ve never been able to tame out the feral fearfulness in her. SeQueL is afraid of everything. She spends most of her days hiding under our bed or behind the toilet in our master bathroom. She’s so adept at hiding that in fact, most of our friends and houseguests don’t even know that we still have a cat living in our house.

Fortunately, one thing she isn’t afraid of is…her hairbrush. Just dangling her hairbrush in front of her will often bring her out for an ecstatic session of brushing and purring – until it ends, and she scurries back to her hiding spot.

Getting to Know SeQueL

  • She eats: Hills Science Diet cat food – because everything else results in bad digestion.
  • She reads: survival manuals and the Twilight series. (She just starts over again when she’s done because she’s forgotten the plot by the time she finishes.)
  • She has an animal spirit guide in the form of a: hermit crab.
  • She secretly longs to be: invisible.
  • She is a celebrity doppelganger for: the frightened Halloween cat.
  • She could be an amalgamation of the following fictional characters: the cowardly lion from Oz, Brittany S. Pierce from Glee, and Tweek Tweak from South Park.
  • Random factoid: We once left a fish taco dinner unattended to answer a joint phone call and came back to find SeQueL guility jumping off the table. Expecting to find all the fish devoured, we found instead that SeQueL had consumed all of…the cheese.

A Day in the Life of SeQueL

Below is a collection of images that we used to have running as a narrative SeQueL on our old website. Christine has ported them to a gallery and preserved the commentary. Just click on one of the thumbnails to enlarge the picture, read the commentary, and navigate through the gallery.