Writer of code, fixer of all things electronic, dispenser of inappropriate humor, enemy of grooming and formal clothing, and friend to all furry creatures, Toli rules our household with an aluminum foil fist. He works hard, sleeps even harder, but always makes time for family and the important things in life. Things like eating cheese, reading obscure legal documents, and trying to talk Christine into watching reruns of Star Blazers.

And, he is one hell of a hula dancer.

Getting to Know Toli

  • He eats: Greek food, BBQ brisket (but only if done right), all things dairy, and Jamba Juice.
  • He reads: Isaac Asimov, user manuals, and
  • He has an animal spirit guide in the form of an: elephant.
  • He secretly longs to be: A cowboy-slash-organic-farmer.
  • He is a celebrity doppelganger for: Al Pacino, circa Godfather II.
  • He could be an amalgamation of the following fictional characters: Sherlock Holmes, Mr. Spock, Adrian Monk, and Dr. Spencer Reid.
  • Random factoid: For a techie genius, Toli is oddly Luddite in some respects. Even though he has two laptops and a giant flat-screen monitor, he still watches an old tube television purchased in 1997. And he went for nearly a decade without a cell phone, until his most recent employer foisted one upon him.

Original Web Pages

Toli’s had his own webpage up and running for some time now. Did you know he created the first computer graphics webpage ever indexed by Yahoo? Here are links to his old webpages, still reliably served by the Stanford graphics server: